Top 10 Taglines Rejected by Vegas Tourism

June 23, 2010

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#1) Not married? You will be. Married? You won’t be.

#2) Sleeping is for pussies and/or for those who don’t feel like paying for one.

#3) Two nights expenses? A teeny, teeny bit more than the GDP of Gambia.

#4) Dear Mexico, We know you have that little availability of drinking water problem, but The Bellagio just really, really needed a water show.

#5) Distance between Reno and Vegas? 450 Miles. Distance between The Venetian and Caesar’s Palace? About the same.

#6) One way or another…we make sure you get fucked.

#7) THE destination for guys who 1) have money and 2) are pretty sure getting laid requires it.

#8) The weekend you will never forget…or remember.

#9) Most commonly requested cab destination? ‘Get-Me-the-Fuck-Out-of-Here’

#10) Two nights. 14 years off your liver. One $18 drink at a time.

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